Tech Essential to CRE Marketing in 2019

Technology is continuing to drive improvements in all businesses, including commercial real estate, according to Deloitte. This technology push extends to a company’s marketing efforts. CRE companies have several ways to embrace technology and attract new clients.

Stand Apart With Video

Video is not just YouTube videos and television commercials. You will find videos on most social media channels. Many marketers are adding videos to their landing pages. Why the increase in videos? People love them. About 72% of consumers surveyed by Wyzowl said they have watched a video to learn more about a product or service. So how can your commercial real estate company use videos?

Create unique videos showcasing the properties you are selling. The technology available to do this has come of age. Virtual walk-troughs and 3-D imaging are creating exciting presentations.

Use video to create offering memorandums that stand out from other CRE companies. With video, you can incorporate nonverbal communication with verbal. Images and other cues help create appeal by layering marketing elements in a way that can’t be done with typical offering memorandums.

Drone video can create an eye-catching visual experience to attract commercial real estate clients. Drones provide a unique perspective from the air that your competition may miss including showing proximity to services and infrastructure important to the prospective buyer or investor.

Key Strategies for Creating Your Brand

Be Social Effectively

If you think social media is about stringing together a few words and maybe adding a picture occasionally, you are doing it wrong. Social media channels give companies an effective way to share their message with their potential customers. Used effectively, these platforms will establish you as a thought leader in your field.

With so many social media platforms, how do you choose and how do you use them effectively? Here’s a short breakdown of each:

Facebook. Create unique Facebook stories on your business page using compelling photos or video content. Share relevant content from your website/blog.

Instagram: This platforms joins images with short descriptions. This is a great place to share photos and videos. Approach this platform with care, because with such a visual medium, you need to use high-quality images. An out-of-focus picture or poorly framed photo can do you more harm than good.

LinkedIn. This is more than just a channel to find a new job. LinkedIn is a great place to connect with others who are looking for new locations. The platform allows you to post pictures and photographs along with a link back to other content.

Twitter: You do have to express yourself in 280 characters, but you can also add pictures or videos to your tweets.

Have an up-to-date website

Your website is the first impression many clients will have of your business and properties. Make sure you have a site that loads properly on all screens. This is known as responsive design and is essential for modern websites. Speaking of looks, create a website that is aesthetically pleasing.  About 38% of visitors will leave a website if they think it is unattractive, according to Blue Corona. And once again, use video and other technology to draw your visitors.

Embracing technology is overwhelming if you are trying to do it by yourself or with a small staff. And you need a strategy to succeed. The most cost-effective way to use technology in your marketing is to outsource your marketing needs to a company that specializes in commercial real estate marketing.



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