Strategies for A Successful Commercial Real Estate Marketing Campaign

If your commercial real estate business has been struggling to get off the ground, chances are there are some holes in your commercial real estate marketing campaign. All successful commercial real estate companies have a crystal clear marketing plan, which makes their efforts effective, thus increasing their success.

All too often, commercial real estate professionals get stuck in the doldrums of the day-to-day tasks of marketing execution. While building a great commercial real estate website, sending newsletters, and staying up-to-date on social media platforms are all crucial aspects of commercial real estate marketing, these can be distractions from the big tasks such as creating awareness and interest in your brand, closing deals, and ensuring that your clients are consistently and continuously engaged.

What should your focus be to make your marketing campaign a success? Follow these four steps to build a cohesive strategy for your brand.

  1. Understand your ideal client’s situation. Once you have identified your ideal client, you must have a thorough understanding of their current situation. What is the path they take from thinking about their problem to arriving at your company to make a purchase? Understanding the buyer journey, their motivations, their pain points, as well as potential stops where they might get stuck is crucial for a successful campaign.
  2. Define your target market. While potentially anybody could be interested in your listings, be specific about who should be engaging with you. Narrow down their industry, location, deal size, property requirements, etc. You may decide your ideal client is a local investor looking for historic properties to renovate. Getting specific on your ideal client allows you to create a marketing message that would resonate well with that person.
  3. Get clarity on your conversion goals. Since your ultimate goal is to convert your target market into clients, your marketing strategy should be centered upon small goals on the buyer path that will help get them to that destination. In the beginning your goals may consist of getting your prospect to visit your website. Later in the journey, you may be looking for a prospect to sign-up for a free trial or purchase a membership. Whatever the stage, each conversion goal should appropriately address the client’s needs at that particular stage of their journey.
  4. Align all of your processes. Now that you have all of the pieces of a marketing strategy, the final step is to put them together into one, cohesive plan. Since there are so many moving parts, implementation is often difficult for small commercial real estate businesses. A great solution is to hire a commercial real estate virtual assistant skilled in the area of commercial real estate marketing. For example, ML Jordan can help you align your understanding of the buyer journey and conversion goals, develop points of contact to deliver your content, and even assist with content development. Their knowledge of how to integrate email marketing, SEO, website development and social media with overall brand strategy will save you the time and headache to manage the process yourself, but will ensure that the strategy is successful.

By following the above steps, you can create a successful marketing strategy that will ensure you can start creating real business value, today.

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Key Strategies for Creating Your Commercial Real Estate Brand
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