Signage, the Silent Salesperson Makes Important First Impression


Signage, the physical placement of your messages displayed publicly for your target audiences to absorb, may be one of the most underappreciated avenues of marketing for your commercial real estate offerings. It is fundamental in concept, and no other method offers you the most potential to grab the attention of those passing your property. Signage can capture the attention of likely customers by creating a great first impression, while simultaneously anchoring your property in the consideration set of interested parties.

This silent salesperson proves that print marketing is as relevant as ever. Think of the most recent election cycle. As you maneuver down Main Street, conducting your daily business, you’ve been inundated by every candidate and proposition on the ballot, and those messages become implanted in your mind. Similarly, signage, working in conjunction with your other marketing tactics establishes your commercial real estate brand by creating a visual identity with memorable and robust imagery for your offering


When commercial real estate property signage is first imagined, you visualize the standard four-wall concept. A square or rectangle placard that shouts out an availability message and a phone number. Your name isn’t the most important thing, so it may or may not be included. What is important is to get a user to act by calling and asking about your properties. As a strong communicator, you will build a lasting relationship from that point on.

Key Strategies for Creating Your Brand

A strong marketing campaign will include durable signs that can withstand the effects of the elements. Banners constructed of vinyl or heavy cloth are versatile and can be reused over and over. The added value is these are portable and can move with traffic patterns as they change with construction or critical events. Don’t overlook the need to invest in a prominent durable wood sign, however. These can be particularly important for your higher end offerings.


A key role with incorporating signage in your marketing program is conveying your message fast and concisely. Using bright contrasting colors on uniformly shaped backgrounds are more apt to grab your audience and keep their interest as they take in your contact information. This works particularly well in commercial locations where your competitors are vying for the same dollars you are. Here, neatness and presentation count.

Signage brings your properties into focus and draws attention to obscured locations. Established retail stores, anchor their position in co-occupied retail space by positioning themselves on the common sign by the busiest roads. The same concept holds with selling and renting your properties—be prominent and get noticed.

Building your Brand

Signage, when done correctly by a marketing team that understands your needs, does more than just highlight location, it aids in building your brand. A useful sign promotes your logo, which alone is capable of speaking volumes without displaying a word, think Nike swoosh, and McDonald’s golden arches. With enough exposure and repetition, your clients have another way to identify your brand, reinforcing your team, and setting positive expectations.

Busy, wordy signs can confuse the observer. Minimalistic is the best approach, but that’s CRE  prospecting 101. A good logo, large fonts, bold imagery, and pertinent information are all you need. Your information should include your contact numbers or website. It should convey “For Sale,” “For Rent” or “For Lease,” and of course property information such as square footage. Specific personnel names should be avoided to optimize the signage in the event your management teams change.

Signs Don’t Stand Alone

Signage is tried and true. It is the silent partner on the team that does what you ask of it. Important to remember is that it is meant to be one piece of a great CRE marketing package, that encompasses many components. Include the trusted sign as a cog in your lead generation wheel. To be a little edgy, you might consider using wraps, banners and unique geometric shapes to get attention for your commercial real estate property. Reach out to your marketing team, or find one that understands how to promote your business with signs effectively.

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