Save Costs with a Commercial Real Estate Virtual Assistant?

Things have gotten super busy with your commercial real estate business. You are swamped with additional demands. You know you need the extra staff, but right now, the budget just does not allow for it.

Or does it?

Perhaps you’ve been thinking that it is more cost-effective to do all the work yourself rather than hiring some part-time help. However, if you are spending most of your time just juggling duties, you are not using your time in the most efficient manner. By tackling your commercial real estate business alone, you might be losing potential clients or important leads that could be bolstering your profit.

Contracting a commercial real estate virtual assistant, an independent contractor who works on an as-needed basis, could be the perfect solution to improving your productivity, time management, overwhelm, and most importantly, your bottom line. Here are five key ways hiring a CRE virtual assistant will not only save you money, but could potentially increase your overall profits.

1. Your Commercial Real Estate Virtual Assistant only works when you need them.

With a traditional employee, you must pay their salary whether they are working or not. With a virtual assistant, you are not required to cover sick leave, taxes, or benefits. You decide how many hours of service you need, and pay for nothing more. Additionally, virtual assistants work from their own office, so you do not have to spend extra dough on office space, supplies, or equipment.

2. Your CRE Virtual Assistant provides an all-in-one solution.

A virtual professional can handle many different jobs all at once, saving you time and money. There is no need to source different jobs to different people. Need to research demographics? A CRE virtual assistant can do that. Graphic design work? They’ve got it covered. Social media and email marketing? A piece of cake for CRE virtual assistants. What it would normally cost you to hire a team of business support professionals can be solved with one single contract worker.

3. Your Commercial Real Estate Virtual Assistant can increase your sales by improving web site rankings.

This is about earning more money as opposed to saving, but either way, it translates to a better profit margin! A virtual professional skilled in commercial real estate marketing can design a user-friendly web site and implement SEO techniques, which can improve your web site ranking. A smoother customer experience and higher ranking means increased visitors and potential sales.

4. Your CRE Virtual Assistant will optimize your marketing budget.

Is your current marketing strategy producing the results you’d like? A virtual assistant can develop a marketing plan that will concentrate your efforts in the best possible way so that you will see a better return on investment.

5. Your CRE Virtual Assistant will save your time, which equals saving money.

If you are spending all of your time on administrative tasks instead of those items that will help increase your sales, you are losing money. A virtual assistant can complete all of the necessary duties such as scheduling, handling client inquiries, and conducting market research, so that you are free to focus on the strategies to help your commercial real estate business grow.

Just how much money can you save from hiring a Commercial Real Estate Virtual Assistant? While the exact math depends on the size and scale of your real estate business, you can be sure that outsourcing some responsibilities to a virtual assistant is a surefire way to increase the success of your business.

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