Rethinking Your Real Estate Virtual Assistant

With the emergence of Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Assistant and even Microsoft’s Cortana there seems to be an all out war to win our hearts and wallets as we search for automated assistance for the home. Likewise, just as we’re drawn to this type of help on the home front, a real estate virtual assistant (VA) can pay huge dividends at the office.

Although the idea of hiring a virtual assistant is relatively new, it has already been observed in the industry, that hiring one comes with significant advantages. Unlike the tabletop command centers that have become so popular and are offered by the technology giants, real estate virtual assistants are human beings who have been screened and trained thoroughly to perform all sorts of tasks. What’s more, unlike the virtual assistants that have been around forever, today’s new breed of VA goes beyond paying bills and doing administrative work.

New Breed of Real Estate VA’s Are Hyper Qualified

Working with a qualified real estate marketing company that can handle all of your back office needs means you’re guaranteed of getting a virtual assistant that understands the marketplace, client needs and business processes for this industry. Providers of services like these are also equipped with enterprise grade network infrastructure, access to leading industry software and other tools that ensure that your virtual assistant is able to perform their tasks more efficiently and effectively than your typical internal resource. Imagine the boost your marketing efforts would receive if you had a VA at your disposal to help with offering memorandums, flyers, brochures, email marketing, website updates, whenever needed.

If you’ve been considering adding additional resources to your team, it may be time to add a real estate virtual assistant.  Beyond handling traditional administrative tasks like customer support, commercial real estate research, customer service, and other computer-based tasks, you can gain a resource that’s able to provide virtual support for your marketing, lead generation and company branding, or increasing your company's visibility in social media or search engine optimization.  

Key Strategies for Creating Your Brand

Skip the Human Resource Hassle

Hiring a virtual assistant is a straight forward process that can be facilitated by your real estate marketing company which will pre-screen and certify your virtual assistant. There’s no need to worry about human resource paperwork, orientation, training or setting up a work area. Your virtual assistant is able to get to work right away on your most pressing needs. That means you get to stay focused on your core business. According to Entrepreneur, a virtual assistant can save you up to 78% in costs per year compared to a regular employee. Because you don’t need to worry about benefits, work space, phones, Internet, utilities, training or the coffee they’ll drink.

Don’t Be Late to the Real Estate Virtual Assistants Party

Real estate virtual assistants are here and providing companies with real advantages in terms of flexibility, economics and back office expertise. A recent report from Tractica forecasts that  virtual assistant users will grow from 390 million in 2015 to 1.8 billion worldwide by the end of 2021 – increasing the market revenue from $1.6 billion to roughly $15.8 billion! This trend means that your competitors are likely already using a virtual assistant to their advantage. Don’t be the last to join this trend. Execute your real estate marketing plans the way you’ve always wanted.

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