When It’s Time To Rebrand Your Commercial Real Estate Company

Have you been thinking about rebranding your commercial real estate company? Chances are that if you are already contemplating it, it’s time! Your brand is the face and voice of your business and it is what consumers think of when they see or hear your company name. If your company and your brand identity aren’t closely aligned or if certain changes have happened within your company, there is a good chance that a rebrand is definitely in order.

Rebranding is a little marketing trick and common business practice that has been around for years that gives companies a modern facelift while honing in on their target demographic. Today’s consumer is much more image-driven than in past years and a brand’s visual identity will undoubtedly be used by consumers who make snap judgments about your brand. Are you confident with your current logo colors and graphic elements? Researchers have found that up to 90% of snap judgments made about products and companies can be based on color alone!  Having an eye-catching design that draws your customers interest is key.

Key Strategies for Creating Your Brand

Rebranding can be done on various levels from subtle logo changes and small tweaks to colors to a complete overhaul on logo artwork and font changes. By choosing the right color, font and design, you can be more inclusive and attract more people. Both small and big visual changes to a brand can have a major positive impact on your target demographic. 

While logos are important, it’s not all about the logo! Nowadays, your entire commercial real estate brand must permeate all parts of the market, from your website and stationary, to your e-blast templates, to your email signature block and your offering memorandums, your brand needs to look cohesive on both print and digital collateral.

Still having a hard time deciding on whether or not to rebrand? Here are some great questions to ask yourself:

  1. Are you trying to tap into a new demographic?
  2. Have you outgrown your original mission?
  3. Is your market evolving quickly?
  4. Is your company evolving its specialized areas?
  5. Has there been a change in leadership or ownership?
  6. Have you experienced a bad reputation or any bad reviews?
  7. Was your current logo developed a long time ago? Do you look outdated?

Whether you are a small company or big corporation you need to stay relevant, and we know it’s hard to take a critical look at your own creation or something you have had for a long time and consider changing it. At ML Jordan, our team of designers can take a look at your company and with a fresh set of eyes and come up with a new modern take on your company logo. We can assist you in ALL of your rebranding efforts by giving your brand a new twist that your customers can identify with and support.

Rebranding can bring in more business, attract new clients, and make your existing customers excited about you again. At ML Jordan, our industry experts make the rebranding effort process fun and exciting.  We’re a Full-Service Commercial Real Estate Marketing Company. We understand the intricacies of commercial real estate, as we come from this industry.



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