Real Estate Offerings Need a Good Landing Page

As you hand the ticket agent your boarding pass and enter the tunnel that brings you to your seat on the Airbus a320, your confidence lies in the hands of your pilot to deliver you as expected to your destination safe and sound. You endure the turbulence and cramped quarters, and when you finally land, hopefully, you're content, relieved, and prepared to move forward in your endeavors. A good landing is the first step to success.

Similarly, your commercial real estate company should use ‘landing pages’ to advance your visitors to the esteemed category of ‘client.’ The landing page supports both you and your targeted audience. Supplying you with the information about them, and communicating the information about you that they need to know. The exchange of information allows you to engage and lay a foundation for building a relationship. A skilled marketing team knows how to maximize the potential of a strong landing page.

Landing Pages Are Indispensable

The best landing page is an indispensable part of marketing your properties, investment opportunities or available office space. It works in conjunction with your social media efforts, and an astute marketing group knows the proper material to incorporate into those to engage audiences appropriately. A landing page also helps you qualify the interested party and establish their needs so you can meet those needs head-on.

The importance of a landing page can’t be overstated. Think of it as the icebreaker, at the social media mixer. Instead of standing around with cocktails in hand, trying to make new contacts and remember their names, (to drive them to your commercial real estate properties), the landing page captures the virtual party-goers’ information so you can assess the prospect and then follow-up accordingly. It dispenses with the rhetorical Q&A that takes up a lot of time.

Homepages and Landing Pages Are Not the Same

The homepage is the front door to your website. While it conveys information about your organization, it is not necessarily a marketing page. Your home page is better suited to providing an overview of your organization, not trying to motivate behavior.

Landing pages should motivate audiences to take action – namely fill out a form. In return, the visitor receives some rich content that you’ve provided as ‘bait.’ Each landing page has a specific job to do, based on the audience you’re trying to attract and the offering that you’re making.

That raises the question, are several landing pages appropriate for a single site? The answer is yes. According to, 62% of companies have six or fewer total landing pages. The more landing pages you employ, the higher the probability you have to close more deals. You have several types of targeted clients, and your marketing group should attract each of those with the appropriate landing page.

Key Strategies for Creating Your Brand

Appropriately built, each page should have its focus and, importantly, should not be intimidating to the audience. After all, the goal is to convert the user, not scare them away. In the end, you want to make the user feel thankful for filling out the form and anxious to hear more about your offerings.

Landing Pages are Lead Generators

The magic of landing pages is the ability to create leads for your business. Driving audiences to the landing page with offers of eBooks, white papers, infographics and other rich content is the key. Once there, the well-constructed landing page helps qualify the prospect with a few insightful questions, providing your sales team with critical intelligence and putting them closer to closing the deal. adds that landing pages enable closing rates to increase by 300%.

If you rely solely on your homepage, you are effectively throwing away potential leads.  Without the collection mechanism that landing pages offer, you may not move the prospect to the next stage in the sales funnel. Landing pages give your customers a place to interact with your organization, making them a necessary real estate marketing tool which you should be employing.

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