Professional Real Estate Templates Build Brands and More

Wouldn’t it be cool if your brand had the same recognition as say Tesla, Apple or the Dallas Cowboys? Imagine if over time your target audience not only recognized your marketing piece, but was eager to read it. Good real estate templates moves you in this direction by standardizing the presentation of your marketing communications.

Real estate templates have received a bad rap over the years, being associated with a lack of originality or not being tailored to the brand image of a business.  Some commenters have even gone so far as to say that marketers that use templates are less creative. What a bunch of nonsense!  The veritable tsunami of low quality templates has surely not helped the case for templates, but ensuring the brand image or being a creative marketer isn’t about creating everything from scratch. It’s about presenting a solution to a problem – getting your audience to recognize and read your newsletters, brochures, postcards, emails and market reports. Good, professional templates can do that and more.

Good Real Estate Templates Come With Benefits

The ultimate goal of you real estate firm is to generate revenue and be profitable, not to create collateral.  Real estate templates can you help you to  be profitable by letting you stay focused on your core business. Think of it like this; you have a new property that you’re representing and you need to have an offering memorandum ready by week’s end.  You can spend days engaging designers and working through one layout revision after another, or you can use a professional ready-made template. Once you’ve done this, go ahead and give yourself a round of applause; you just saved valuable hours of your time and became more efficient at work.

Key Strategies for Creating Your Brand

Templates enable you to get work done faster. A professional collection of templates are not a series of one-offs, meaning there is a matched set of layouts to accommodate the full breadth of your marketing needs from business cards to newsletters.  Imagine the time you’ll save not having to design, review and approve each different marketing tool. 

Branding for your real estate firm should be rhythmic, purposeful and should create an expectation of your brand promise. Years ago, children would anxiously await the arrival of the Toys R’ Us toy catalog in December, because they knew (even if they weren’t able to read) from the company’s consistent use of logo, colors and branding that within that book the company would fulfill on its promise of being the “’s leading dedicated toy products retailer….” commercial real estate templates can help you create that same type of brand awareness and understanding for your business.  Your audience will come to recognize your layout, colors, typeface and then, if you’ve been diligent in consistently creating good content, will look to see what information, offering or news you have to provide.

Finally, using templates is not un-original or lacking creativity.  Professional real estate templates facilitate creativity and enable you to create one-of-a-kind designs. Really good templates allow you to adjust colors, standardize typefaces to your own and add or remove elements to provide your company’s unique look and feel.

Be Picky in Selecting Real Estate Templates

When you’re considering templates for your business, keep in mind they should incorporate several elements to ensure that they will meet your needs. A good template should be easy to use and in a format (InDesign, .pdf, PowerPoint) that works for your company.  Also be sure not to settle for just any old templates, make sure the ones you select are real estate specific and include a full complement of layouts to meet all your marketing needs.


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