Professional Drone Footage Raises the Level of Marketing


Technology, in general, is advancing at a rapid pace, and as a result, presenting new opportunities for all facets of industry. One of the most significant advancements, especially for your commercial real estate marketing is the use of drones for delivering information about a property that you can’t usually do with still photography or words alone. Incorporating drone footage into your property presentation and even offering memorandums, literally takes you to another level.

One challenge you may find with using drones is thinking, ‘this is a simple do-it-yourself project’ for your business. When the engine light comes on in your car, or when you hear the motor make a funny clanking noise after hitting the pothole on Lilac Lane you may want to take a look inside and fix it yourself, hoping to impress your family with your mechanical skills. Realistically though, the car’s going to the shop where a certified expert will do to what he does every day, assess, locate and fix the situation. You rely on your car daily, so putting your money and your faith into a pro to get the job done is probably not something you’d think twice about

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Using drones for your commercial real estate business should evoke the same sensibility. To satisfy your inner pilot, purchase a drone from the hobby store and head to the park and experiment there for fun. When you have money invested in a venture though, you want someone with the type of skills a professional photographer has, along with the technical expertise and industry experience to produce the results you need. Here are three points to consider surrounding your decision to employ a professional to harness the power of drones:

  1. Innovation. Drones bring a look to your property presentation that is unique and intriguing. Commercial real estate drone photography           re-imagines how you display your property like never before. Drone footage will show prospective clients the locations of schools, highways and the proximity of potential competitors. It can also illustrate details about the expanse of the property, showing the overall potential. These are views that in the past were impossible to incorporate. By employing a professional you get the expanse of their knowledge and experience that ensures that your property presentation is complete, so the images captured can be incorporated into social media, newsletters, and brochures as well.
  2. Certified. Hiring a professional means you don’t have to incur the costs associated with certification and insurance that are required for using a drone for commercial applications. Real estate and film are the two most common use for commercial drones and professionals obtain the permits and certifications required by the FAA to fly in these settings. Basic registration fees are cheap, per drone. To operate on a commercial level requires exams that differ from state to state, and fees for these begin at $150. Additionally, their also insurance requirements for commercial flying for which you can expect to pay over $800 a year. Using a professional saves you real dollars and also saves you the cost of your time (or that of a staff member) in terms of training, certification, practice, and filming.
  3. Cost Effectiveness. The most commonly used drones, (non-military), by consumers are small, fast and easy to use, but can still carry a hefty price tag. Using a smaller cheaper model tends to yield a lesser overall product, and that’s not how you want to reinforce your company’s branding. The largest, most durable and most capable drones have greater stability and better options for camera mounting and are specifically designed for the film industry and commercial real estate photography/videography. The price of a commercial quality drone with high definition video capture begins at $2,000. Ultimately a drone professional knows the right size and the precise requirements to use for presenting your property in the best possible light.

When you decide to bring your commercial real estate marketing to the next level, you can attempt the project on your own, but expect to lay out a large sum of cash and invest valuable time into training, certifying, and practicing. Alternatively, you can invest in your business the same way you invest in your car repair or any other specialized service, and find the pro that makes their living making you look good.

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