Offering Memorandums Should Go Easy On The Radar


Your commercial real estate marketing materials like flyers and property signs establish your brand and generally provide an overview of your business. An offering memorandum, on the other hand, should drive sales.

While these are typically used for investment properties, a well-constructed offering memorandum can provide a prospective client with an intimate knowledge of your offering.  It should also include all of the facts and information a client needs to move closer to a purchase decision.

A Good OM is a Confidence Builder

Most CRE professionals realize that an offering memorandum is a key tool in the commercial real estate sales process.  Knowing how to develop a professional, high-quality offering memorandum, explicitly designed to match both your company and individual property branding can make a huge difference in how a sale progresses. By including professional property photos, along with regional maps, floor plans and local lease comparables relative to your property is an important part of the marketing process for each property in your portfolio.

The construct of an offering memorandum may be obvious—include the requisite components in a nicely assembled, high gloss presentation. But, what some marketers don’t realize is that a good memorandum is also a confidence builder. With it, you’re signaling to prospects that you’re proud of your offering and that your business is one that they should want to do business with. Shep Hyken writes for Forbes, “Be it customer service, product quality or just the way the customers feel about the companies they do business with, customer experience rises to the top of whether or not the customer will decide to keep doing business with a brand.”

Key Strategies for Creating Your Brand

Make Your OM More Like an Infographic

While offering memorandums should be chock-full of useful information, they do not have to burdensome to read. In fact, according to Mutant Communications, less text and more visuals are critical to producing content that excites readers and makes your business stand out.

Offering memorandums are no different and adopting a more infographic type approach can pay dividends. Infographics, by their very nature, appeal to our senses by incorporating bright colors, bold fonts, and illustrations that translate a complex message into an easily digestible morsel. You can do the same with your offering memorandum. Use graphs and charts to compare your building to nearby comps. Label maps to show key traffic patterns in the area or surrounding points interest. However, you do it, make it easy for the reader to absorb the contents of your offering memorandum.

Making A Revenue Generator

In the end, an offering memorandum should bring you one step closer to sealing a deal with a prospective investor or buyer. Knowing the audience for your particular type of offering will be essential in creating an OM that appeals to them. You never know, you may just make a great impression by incorporating video into your materials. 

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