Managing the Digital Presence of Your CRE Company

Everything a person or a business does online creates a digital footprint that can be traced. And, it’s not just what we do on our social media pages or websites. Our digital footprint includes everything that is said or posted about us. Reputation is vital in commercial real estate. Your company’s digital presence can affect your sales, so it is important you understand all of the elements and how to manage them.   

Track your digital footprint

The easiest way to measure your digital footprint is to do a simple Google search.  You may be surprised to find your company mentioned in discussion rooms and forums. You will also discover all of the news sites that have mentioned your company. Hopefully, your search will show that most results link to your website and social media pages, proving the value of your search engine optimization (SEO).

Social media leaves a large digital footprint, and it goes beyond what you put on your company’s pages. Your posts can be shared or embedded in other people’s posts. You want to make sure no one is negatively tagging your company. An excellent way to find out what is being said is to search the social media sites for your company name. The comments made about your company will be displayed. For more in-depth understanding, there are some great “social listening” tools.

Using marketing tactics to strengthen your digital footprint

Like any successful venture, managing your digital footprint involves a comprehensive marketing plan. First, you have to determine how you want your business to be perceived and what you want to say to your customers or prospective customers. Branding your commercial real estate business is an important step not just in creating your digital footprint but in creating a presence that stands out from your competitors.

You should have a  website that creates a good first impression of your company.  Have good professional pictures of your properties and well-written descriptions. Create an “about us” page that highlights your company’s strengths and is also warm and personable.

However, a great website is useless if your potential customers cannot find you. Your site should incorporate an SEO strategy that allows potential clients to find your company and most importantly, your properties.

Key Strategies for Creating Your Brand

Because social media can leave such a large footprint, you need to craft your strategy carefully. Always be positive and responsive. Engagement within your community of followers is particularly important. Always remember to be professional. Everything that is posted or shared on your personal and business social media pages reflects on you and your company. Be mindful of the pictures posted of you and your staff that are public.

Your emails are also a part of your digital footprint. You may send an email to a person, and he or she may share it with someone else who is a decision maker. Don’t ever put something in a business email that you would not want to be shared publicly online. Use an email strategy to make sure your emails are not only effective but professional as well.

Ignoring your digital footprint can have consequences for your business. You don’t want to lose sales and customers because you were unaware of something that was said about you. You also need to make sure you are creating a positive digital footprint with your marketing tools. Find a company you can trust to monitor your online presence and create a marketing plan that represents you we

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