Make Blogging a Lead Generation Machine

Lead generation is one of the most daunting tasks in any business and commercial real estate is no exception. You don’t want a list that is outdated or includes cold leads. One marketing strategy brings hot leads to you and you don’t have to spend hours scouring lists or researching online. Your company’s blog can make companies come to you. 

Creating a lead generating blog

If you don’t have a blog you need to get one as soon as possible.  Attracting leads using your blog is a process, that's easily managed on your own, or  with the help of commercial real estate marketing company. First, you'll need to, do some research to find out what keywords perform well for your industry. You can find several free tools  online that will get you started. The right keywords are a crucial part of SEO program to get your business found in online searches and in-turn bring visitors to your blog and website.

Second, build your blog posts around the keywords. This does not mean you stuff you content full of these words in hopes of getting on Google’s first page. That strategy worked in the early days of online marketing and companies produced lousy content because the focus was on the keyword, not quality. Your blog posts should be well-written articles that focus on your business and your industry and what you offer consumers. In other words, write for your customers first, then incorporate SEO strategy.

Third, build content that is exclusive to your company. No one is like you. Write posts that will position you as an expert in your field. Potential clients will seek out the thought leaders in the commercial real estate industry. Good blogs can establish you as a leader. 

Finally, don’t write a blog without including a strong call to action. You want readers to sign up for your newsletter or call you about handling their commercial real estate needs. Another unique lead generation method is hosting a contest that will require readers to input their information.  You have several options that are fun and engaging. Ask for a picture of their favorite building and have readers vote for their favorite. Ask a trivia question about one of the iconic commercial buildings in your area. Be creative but professional to draw interest.

Key Strategies for Creating Your Brand

Promoting your blog

Using excellent SEO techniques will help readers find your blog and create leads and round out your social media strategy. You can find a lot of information on what time to share on social media and how often to post and most of it is excellent advice. But most of it is aimed at a general audience and may not work for every industry. When creating a strategy to share your blogs, find out when your clients are on social media and what sites they are using. LinkedIn is the most popular site for B2B but you may have success on Facebook. You may have to try several strategies to find what works for you. 

Once you have determined the best strategy for sharing, make sure your social media posts are as well-written as your blogs. It’s easy to cut and paste a section of a blog and use it as your post. Take it a step further and tell your audience why they should click on your blog post.

Another important part of social media strategy is hashtags. Do some research to find out what hashtags your potential clients are following and add them to your social media posts.

A well-written blog that is promoted using SEO and social media strategy will bring potential clients to you and turn your blog into a lead generating machine. If all of this seems overwhelming, remember a good CRE marketing team can create the right strategy for you.

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