Keeping Your Content Current is Critical

Inbound marketing is a process you should be using in promoting your commercial real estate offerings.  With a little investment of time and effort, it enables you to reap value by demonstrating your expertise and knowledge of the market. Inbound marketing’s concept is simple, and the results are definitive.

Inbound marketing entails three activities; attract the target with valuable content, engage them repeatedly with additional insights, and maintain their interest by delighting them with offerings that meet their needs. Your marketing team understands what inbound marketing is and how to make it work in your favor, but they also need to ensure that the materials you’ve produced in these efforts are current and topical

Once A Thought Leader Stay A Thought Leader

As a thought leader, you have knowledge of and experience with your marketplace. You have built a following, now you must ensure that your content is current so audiences continue to perceive you in the same light, and are comfortable to turn to you for reliable and trusted information.

Articles, blog posts and, materials you’ve published and shared in the past are still full of pertinent information. However, the market requires you to update these pieces, so they are as current as the myriad daily changes that happen in your industry. Below are four places to look in delighting your followers, and keeping them engaged with you, as you reprocess outdated content you already own.

Infographics and Video

The creation of videos and graphics are a modern method to reprocess information. Thought leaders in CRE, as well as other industries, are taking blogs and podcasts and creating videos and graphics to reach new audiences, creating a simple way to quickly post a great deal of information for the user to view on social media. Repackaging your content on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter in a new format enables you to reach new audiences.

With the help of your marketing team, new life can be breathed into archived content by using a medium that may be more attractive to a different audience. Doing this creates a history of publication and shows you know how to stay up-to-date.

Be A Guest, Invite A Guest

Guest posts are an ideal way to make your content current while reinforcing your standing as a thought leader. Guest post can work two ways. Update your old content with fresh information and offer it as content for other thought leaders to publish on their site. Alternatively, ask a guest to present their research on your websites. This builds a circle of trust between you and your peers, but also shows your clients that you’re connected with the industry. Adding new SEO keywords can generate additional traffic from buyers, brokers or investors., Your presence in search results should also expand just because the involvement of your guest though leader and your involvement on other sites.

Whitepapers, EBooks, and Newsletters

Your history in CRE includes writing, presenting and speaking within your industry. Through this activity, you’ve become a respected authority. For some people, the items you’ve published have become how-to-do-it references. Updating your work with current data, new graphics or fresh insights revitalizes your message in Whitepapers, EBooks or technical briefs.

Don’t wait for mid-year to assess your strategy. Review and improve it as the market dictates. With fresh information, republish and promote your work through newsletters sent out on a cyclical basis. This implies to the reader that you aren’t static in your field.

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Podcasts and Webinars

The fourth method to increase your voice is creating podcasts and webinars from previous postings. This is a tried and true method of self-promotion. The steps are simple, update a previous blog, and create a podcast from that source. You can use this to reinforce past messages and promotes upcoming events you’re involved in.

The webinar takes your podcast to an interactive level. Where the podcast entertains and educates, the webinar invites interaction between you and your target audience surrounding the information you’re presenting. By basing webinars on blogs and podcasts, you have previously educated the audience, and the webinar expands the discussion. Your marketing group should have ample experience in producing these multimedia programs.

It is important to keep content current constantly. Updating improves search results for you. It enhances the customer experience and puts your CRE offering in a better light. If your marketing team isn’t doing this with your social media, content marketing and, even print marketing materials, you may be eroding your marketing successes.

Attract current and new clients with up-to-date facts that show how in tune you are with the market. Engage your audience with your knowledge and delight them with positive experiences online and in the field.

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