What is the difference between commercial real estate branding and marketing, and how do you create value that drives sales? Let’s take a look at one of the most recognizable global brands, Coca-Cola as an example, to find out how to build a successful brand. The Coca-Cola brand has never strayed from its timeless and basic ideals for over a century. When you think of the brand, you think of more than just the product. The consumer thinks of the gorgeous font, and the spirit of the company. The brand has stayed true to their very simple but strong and effective global messages such as “Enjoy”, “Share”, and “Happiness in a bottle”. The brand messages are a consistent push, not a pull. 

To put it simply, branding is strategic while marketing is tactical. The most successful brands have a thorough understanding of their target audience, what their interests are, and exactly how they like to communicate.  Positioning your brand for competitive differentiation and building a unique identity are two very important factors in commercial real estate branding. A very basic way to plan your brand identity is to focus on these three factors below.  

 Key Strategies for Creating Your Brand

Visual Identity: From custom logo treatments and spacing to brand colors and imagery, ML Jordan industry experts can create a stunning brand logo package for your organization to help you stand out against competition. The imagery associated to your brand acts as the ‘face’ of your company, it should be strong and memorable.

Brand Strategy: We know that marketing positioning and brand personality are integral parts of your brands success. Our Account Managers can help develop a strong brand strategy as well as content development to ensure you are targeting your core audience at the right times and in the way they like to be communicated with. We can assist with both editorial and social media platforms and take the writing burden off of you so that you can focus on closing sales!

Tone: A much overlooked but very important piece of branding is tone. Positioning yourself as an authoritative source for your area of expertise is done by having a consistent brand voice and using the same carefully crafted language in your marketing pieces. When done right, the brand voice is what the final impression is for your would-be-customer.

Branding plays such an important role in generating business and sustaining growth. The top companies always have a strong brand that differentiates itself from its competitors thus leading to an advantageous place in the market. At ML Jordan, we can help your organization create or refine a holistic and well-defined brand that helps connect with your target audience, maximize your brands visibility and drives sales.

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Key Strategies for Creating Your Commercial Real Estate Brand
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