Give Your Commercial Real Estate Website a Checkup

You are one of the best at what you do. You’re considered a thought leader among your peers and in your business community, but lately you notice that traffic to your website is stagnating. Your commercial real estate marketing program is running smoothly, but you would like to see more activity on your website to promote your portfolio and continue to build your customer contacts. Your website may be in need of a checkup.

Your website was top notch when you created it, but that was a while ago. Just like your wardrobe, you need to update it. If your site isn’t current, it is doomed to be viewed like a Member’s Only jacket, it turned heads back in the day, but has become passé.

Commercial Real Estate Website Need Caring, Not Magic

There is no magic wand for adding pizazz to your corner of the World Wide Web. It takes many elements to deliver a site that shows your clients your true capabilities. Most importantly is making sure your site has responsive design which enables it to be viewed equally as well on a phone, tablet or computer screen. Your website is the face of your technological marketing program and the key to so many marketing efforts. It is one of the keys to a strong marketing strategy, defines your brand, develops awareness, and builds credibility. Responsive design ensures that you get that message across at all times.

Get Google love. Indexing of listings is another thing to consider when assessing your site. Indexing makes it easy for parties interested in your offerings to find what they’re looking for when they do a Google search. If you think of your website as a house,the pages are the equivalent to your floors, rooms and hallways. Keeping your site current, clean and up-to-date is like cleaning your house. This means you have reviewed and removed out of date content and dead pages. Doing this activity on a regular basis maximizes search crawls by eliminating search errors and dead ends, and ensures that your XML sitemap accurately portrays site content—including your listings. If you're not sure what this means, be sure to consult a commercial real estate marketing company for help.


Key Strategies for Creating Your Brand

Focus   on load speeds.Just like the waiter that brings drinks to your table at lunch and doesn’t understand you have just an hour to eat and be back in the office, slow loading web pages can be off-putting. Warm drinks, arriving after the bread is served, paves the way for a meal that you will remember for all the wrong reasons. A slow loading website steals from your credibility and may make visitors look to the competition.

Upgrade your web host. According to, which tracks web hosting services based on performance, the low cost hosting company that worked well with your budget when you first started may need an upgrade. The service you choose should be representative of your market presence and in line with a budget you are capable of affording today. A good web host is capable of utilizing a virtual private server, (VPS), and may even be able to set your site up on a server that is located closer to your target audience, which will improve response times for visitors.

Meet client expectations. You must adapt the style of your website to one that motivates your clients. There’s s lot of amazing ways to create stunning designs that will lead your website visitors to where you want them to go. Be sure space, color, layout and images are being optimally used to get the response you desire and show the reader that you are contemporary and in sync with their needs.

Add some rich media. Incorporating video into your site will also stimulate visitor response and give your audience an interactive opportunity to view the possibilities of your offerings. You may want to make sure your latest brochures and newsletters are also available, to keep the visitor engaged and also to demonstrate your market understanding. Blogs also help elicit responses and show your clients how other clients are moving forward and can keep your audience informed about the market

Making your website work for you, will help you get found online. Partnering each of the ideas above withthe right lead capturing toolsensures that once your found, you’ll build a new relationship. It’s never the wrong time to do a website checkup. Your website is up 24/7/365 and it is the best way to promote your brand. The last thing you want is for your site to reflect poorly on your brand. Make sure it’s always up, working smoothly, promoting your brand and giving visitors the best possible experience.

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