Four Components of a Rock Solid Social Strategy

About 76% of Americans who go online use social media according to Smart Insights. However, social media is not used just for sharing family pictures and funny memes. Businesses, including commercial real estate companies, are using these tools as a way to reach their customers and increase their presence.

Using social media successfully requires more than just random posts of ideas and content. You need to establish credibility and demonstrate that you’re a thought leader in your field.  You’ll also need an excellent strategy if you are going generate leads. Here are four components you need to consider.

Know your commercial real estate audience

Determine who your customers are and what social media channels they are using.  Facebook and YouTube still lead all social media channels. However, these channels may not be where your customers are.  Do you have a hot property in an urban area frequented by millennials? You may want to consider Instagram or Snapchat.  Do you have professional office space for lease? Consider LinkedIn.  You can also be location-specific when formulating your plan.  The most popular social media channel nationally may not be a favorite in your region or industry.  Do some research and rank the social media channels where you will find customers. That’s not to say you won’t do any of the less popular channels, but in the beginning, it may be best to focus on the top three to five where you know your potential clients are.

Only the right content works

Determine which type of content you need to create.  This decision may be driven by the social media channels you are using. If you have decided to create a YouTube channel and also do regular postings on Instagram and Facebook, you will need to focus on creating videos. Great pictures can work across many social channels, especially Instagram and Facebook. You can create a blog and provide links on Twitter and LinkedIn. One tip—make sure you consistently have content to post. 

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Flighting your content will ensure success

Once you have your content, the next question you have to answer is, “When do I post and how often?” A social media calendar will help you organize and flight your content.  You can showcase the hot properties on the market, share content from your website and share other people’s content that is relevant to commercial real estate. Also, remember, a calendar can always be changed if you have a hot new property enter the market.

Inspect what you expect

Measure your outcomes based on goals you set. This can be the number of leads, the amount of engagement or the number of views a post receives.  This is important for several reasons. First, if your social media efforts are not working, you need to know so you can adjust your strategy. Second, you may discover one social media channel is not delivering the results you expected. You will need to reevaluate and possibly shift your focus to another site. Finally, you may need to try a new content strategy. If you don’t know how well your social media posts are performing, you can’t make the changes.

Social media is marketing is well worth the time spent and is an essential part of commercial real estate marketing plans in the 21st century. If you’re uncertain about how to get started, be sure to reach out to the right marketing industry experience that can create a social media strategy that generates leads for you.

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