Real Estate Websites, Brand Essential Says MLJ's Sarah Applegate

Marketing has changed in the past 20 years. In particular, commercial real estate marketing has gone from brochures, flyers, classified ads and signs to include websites and social media marketing.  Creating a comprehensive marketing plan requires a team that can do it all. ML Jordan is providing these solutions through the great work of employees like senior account executive Sarah Applegate.

Sarah’s job is to take a client’s vision and turn it into a marketing plan that gets results. For Sarah, it all begins with knowing your brand.

Real Estate Websites Start With Brand Discovery

“Sometimes clients don’t have a brand established yet or need a refresh, and that is where our team steps in,” Sarah says. “Our different areas of expertise help us collaborate in a really great way, making sure the projects we create for our clients are strategic.”

To help the client discover their brand, Sarah sends samples of previous work ML Jordan has done. “If there are no examples that work with their style or brand, I will create a design sheet for the client to select what colors, fonts, pictures, etc… they like,” she says. “I will then create a couple of ‘previews’ for them to see how it all comes together.

Once the client has determined their brand’s basics, the pieces of the marketing puzzle are assembled. “The most frequent request is flyer/brochure creations,” Sarah says. “I have gotten feedback from clients and colleagues that the material I put together has just the right amount of information without overloading or overwhelming a potential investor.”

Clients are also looking for a “campaign-like” strategy. A comprehensive approach includes a cohesive message in all marketing materials. These puzzle pieces can consist of anything from email marketing, mailers, social media, and the essential website. A commercial real estate website is a company’s digital storefront where potential clients can get information 24 hours a day, and also understand the services and offerings the company provides.

Commercial real estate websites are different from those in other industries. Investors are busy. To save time, many will sort out the properties they want to see online and only see the ones that stand out to them.  That means the website must impress from the home/landing page to the property photographs to the offering memorandums—all of which appear online.

Websites for Business Demand the Essentials

However, a good real estate website that can’t be found by investors is worthless. Search engine optimization incorporates several elements with one goal in mind—to get investors to a site through search engines. This is not a “one and done” service and requires a long-term digital marketing strategy. That strategy could include a blog that is updated regularly and a social media marketing plan. The lack of a good website can hurt a commercial real estate marketing company, so it’s important to get it right. 

See Website Examples


One challenge commercial real estate companies face is finding a company that can create a great website and all of the other pieces of the puzzle including offline techniques such as flyers, brochures, and signs.  Sarah works with her team members to make sure the puzzle pieces match and are effective. Client feedback and collaborating with her colleagues are the favorite parts of her job, she says. 

“It is extremely rewarding to hear from our clients and know that what we have created has landed the deal, sold the property or increased traffic to their website,” she says. “The collaboration we have as a team is tied as a favorite because our mutual support elevates the material we create to make them that much more effective.”

Key Strategies for Creating Your Brand


To read more about Sarah and how she meets the marketing needs of her commercial real estate customers, visit MLJordan's Facebook page.


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