Re-imagine Talent With A Virtual Marketing Team

Isn’t it strange how movie studios and producers insist on remaking movies that were, when first produced, actually pretty good—or at least enjoyable? According to Entertainment Tonight, there are at least 22 reasonably popular movies that are being remade right now to attract modern-day audiences. While the idea of re-creating movies is often filled with skepticism that the new version will not be as good as the original, sometimes revisiting old ideas or existing approaches is a good thing. For instance, the way you go about marketing your commercial real estate company is one of those strategic items that should get some regular tweaks, even if that means just doing a  reboot of your content marketing.

Don’t remake, re-imagine

Sometimes, it’s best to think about marketing your firm in an entirely new, imaginative way—reimagine your approach. Based on in-depth research and analysis as well as extensive discussions with industry professionals, Deloitte recently published Commercial Real Estate Outlook 2018. Among the things that they suggest commercial real estate companies can do to maximize value creation and growth over the next 12-18 months is to re-imagine their use of talent.

Re-imagining how you use your talent or staff may be off-putting, seeming to connote the elimination of valued and faithful employees. While that is one interpretation, another is hiring a virtual marketing assistant. Virtual marketing personnel are in widespread use in business today. In fact, more than 40% of companies outsource some or all of the writing and design for their content marketing efforts alone. Getting onboard with this trend can lend creative new ways for you to go to market.

The power of a virtual marketing assistant

Hiring a virtual marketing assistant can deliver real, measurable results for an organization. Virtual marketing assistants are human beings or whole teams of people that are specially trained to help with all of your commercial real estate marketing needs.

  1. Deliver Expertise

Most of us don’t endeavor to fix our cars. We bring them to mechanics. Marketing commercial real estate should be treated in the same way. The benefit of entrusting your marketing to an outsourced marketing team is that you get experts, that specialize in marketing businesses just like yours. A virtual marketing assistant brings a depth of experience and a complete range of marketing skills and market understanding. Re-imagine your marketing team as one that has all of the expertise needed to create offering memorandums, flyers, brochures, email marketingand website updates, whenever required.

Key Strategies for Creating Your Brand

  1. Create savings

One of the big reasons for hiring a virtual marketing assistant is cost savings.  It has been estimated that hiring a virtual assistant over a full-time employee can save up to 78% in operating costs per year. Monetarily this savings is realized through reductions in salaries, benefits, workspace and other infrastructure-type expenses like telecommunications. The savings go beyond those items though and also include savings on opportunity costs associated with having personnel splitting their time between core business functions and marketing related tasks.

  1. Keep your staff focused on your core business

Even if in-house marketing staff members have some marketing skills, they often have other responsibilities, which makes it hard for them to give their marketing work the attention it demands. Hiring an outsourced assistant has a massive impact on achieving profitability, because not only does this strategy lower business costs, it also increases productivity. This is because it affords you and your staff more time to focus or attend to core functions that demand your expertise. A virtual marketing assistant from an agency focused on commercial real estate marketing can ensure the caliber and professionalism you need. As another benefit, you’ll no longer have to ask one employee to cover for another because of illness—virtual assistants don’t get sick.

How will you re-imagine your marketing?

Last year we saw Tron, Stephen King’s IT and Flatliners all get an update. This year promises to bring 21st-century versions of A Star is Born, Stripes and Terms of Endearment. Only time will tell if these remakes live up to our impressions and remembrances of the originals. Remember though those are remakes. Hiring a virtual marketing assistant is a re-imagination of how you go to market.

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