Consistent Branding Essential for Commercial Real Estate

From Hong Kong to England to the United States consumers around the world know where they are when they see the “golden arches.”  McDonald’s is an example of how a company has created a brand and has consistently promoted that brand around the world over the past few decades. In commercial real estate, having a consistent brand is essential in building recognition and trust from potential buyers and tenants.

Creating a Brand

Choosing a color scheme and logo are usually two of the first tasks completed when a company is formed. This is the beginning of a branding strategy. This process can be repeated if a company decides to rebrand itself.

First, the logo should be unique. Research other commercial real estate companies so that you know your branding will stand apart from your competitors. Remember, the logo represents your company. Make sure you create something that is memorable. Your customers will identify you by the logo and colors. This logo will appear on your website, marketing materials and signs you place at properties. Branding is too important to your company’s future success, so it must be consistent.

Branding is often about more than just a logo. Many companies create taglines that reflect the company’s mission and work. The U.S. Army is an example. “Be All You Can Be” is interchangeably used in advertisements and as an internal motivator. Once you have chosen a tagline, poll friends or social media followers and ask if the slogan is a reflection of your company.  A tagline is not a requirement but will help you stand out more from the competition.

Key Strategies for Creating Your Brand

The real work is Just Beginning

Some people mistakenly think that when the logo, color scheme, and tagline are created, the branding process is complete. In reality, branding is an ongoing process that must be reinforced at every touchpoint with your target audience. Your company message and voice should be the same throughout all of your company’s marketing materials, online presence, social media, and any external communications. Let’s say you decided to use a color scheme that is midnight blue and beige with a Lucinda font.  Imagine the confusion of your potential clients if they see signs in reds and greens, in different fonts and possibly with a different tagline. Being consistent in your branding is as important as creating your brand.

Creating Consistency

Being consistent in branding can be challenging.  To overcome these challenges, first, make sure every employee understands the branding strategy you created and has access to branded materials. Second, all marketing materials should reflect the established brand. The easiest way to be consistent every time is by using high-quality commercial real estate marketing templates. The templates can include newsletters, postcards, emails, signs and other marketing pieces. Companies should also be consistent in the messages sent not only through the channels mentioned above but through online channels including a website and social media.  An inconsistent message, just like using a different logo, will confuse your potential customers and possibly send them elsewhere. A strong branding strategy can give you an edge over your competition.

You can try to establish your brand on your own, but it’s too important to your company to leave to chance. Work with a company that specializes in commercial real estate marketing that will help you create a memorable brand and consistent branding strategy.


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