Be More Productive with A Marketing Virtual Assistant

One of the most controllable assets business managers possess is their team. To be successful, it’s imperative to put the right team member in the in the right position in order to yield profitability and results. While you work hard to build your team and relationships with your team, it's also important to make connections with outside service providers as well. Some of the more obvious of those connections are with lawyers, shipping and logistics companies and maintenance people. However, creating a relationship with a marketing virtual assistant is one that should be prioritized just as highly to build your business and investment opportunities.

Outsourcing your marketing needs holds lots of advantages. Delegating the endless non-core tasks that clutter your schedule every day frees you to refocus energy back into your team and your business. Working with the right marketing partner enables you to clear more mundane tasks, like creating brochures, offering memorandums, and website maintenance from your “to do” list. Finding the right partner means you can take your attention off the peripheral minutia and stay focused on driving revenue. While you may be thinking that you can pass those marketing tasks to other members of your commercial real estate team, ultimately, multi-tasking can cost you money, and stem productivity.


Offerings of a Marketing Virtual Assistant

By taking advantage of a virtual marketing assistant, you tap into a team specifically educated on and current with the latest commercial real estate marketing tactics and practices. By sharing your goals, you’ll gain a better understanding of the market, develop more manageable tasks and make goal achievement more realistic.

Your virtual marketing assistant will also help you build a strong brand identity. Whether you are established in commercial real estate for years, or new to the industry, working with a third-party can lend an objective perspective about your brand and help you to develop a plan for maintaining and strengthening your company identity. Utilizing tools that are tried and true, like newsletters, as well as new and innovative like social media presence and search engine optimization (SEO) your virtual marketing assistant will help you build a strong brand.

Key Strategies for Creating Your Brand


Don’t Be Hesitant to Outsource

Most trepidation to outsourcing comes from fear of loss of control. Because you don’t see your marketing team walk in and out every day, you might believe that you’re not getting your money’s worth.  Instead of thinking this way, consider your last airline flight. The airline pilot is unseen, locked up front using their expertise and experience to get you from point A, to point B. You pay for the talent they bring and trust them to get the job done. The same holds true for your virtual marketing assistant. While your virtual team may not be in the office (which saves money, by the way), like the pilot, they’re getting the job done.

The other significant concern for using a virtual team is money. It’s hard to pay a third party to manage what you feel confident in doing yourself. Remember though, as a commercial real estate professional, people hire you in the same way because you’re the expert. Allowing a virtual assistant to manage your marketing saves you money by getting your goals done quickly and precisely and can deliver options that you may not have considered. This keeps you and your team focused on serving your customers, building revenue and doing what you do best.


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