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Jordan founded ML Jordan in 2013 to create a one of a kind commercial real estate marketing company. A seasoned commercial real estate professional with over 10 years of industry specific experience, Jordan has spent time working on the brokerage, acquisitions and consulting side of the business. Jordan began his career with Colliers International after graduating from the University of Virginia on a Football scholarship. He later moved to the acquisition side of the business working for German based GLL Partners and Cole Real Estate Investments. In 2011, Jordan partnered with the Lipsey Company as a consultant before realizing a passion for design, digital marketing and outsourcing. At ML Jordan, Jordan oversees a team of over 15 commercial real estate specific marketing professionals, participates closely with commercial real estate marketing plans, provides direction on commercial real estate websites and handles company specific business development.
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Organic vs. Paid Advertising

February 7, 2019



Let’s talk about the difference between organic and paid advertising. What does this mean. Well, just like your smoothie – organic advertising is creating with more “natural” methods while...

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60 Day Marketing Plan for New CRE Firms

April 4, 2018

You’re starting a new brokerage shop, fantastic! I want to equip you with a SEVEN-STEP marketing plan to get you ramped up as quickly as possible. Let’s set the stage with a scenario we hear ALL...

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Getting Found Online in 4 Easy Steps for Commercial Real Estate Websites

March 26, 2018

I think at this point it’s fairly self-explanatory the benefits to having an online presence. But are you being found? You can have a beautiful web presence but if it’s not being visited it’s not...

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Leveraging Contractors to Scale Your Commercial Real Estate Business

March 22, 2018

Company growth is fun, no doubt about it. There’s nothing like the excitement that comes along with increased revenues, adding additional team members and an elevated market presence. The question...

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Approaching Commercial Real Estate Research

July 7, 2017

The ability to conduct relevant, accurate and timely commercial real estate research can be the differentiating factor between a flourishing firm and one scrambling to pick up new business. The...

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3 Factors Contributing to BAD Real Estate Offering Memorandums

May 23, 2017

Commercial Real Estate Offering Memorandums play a significant role in generating billions of dollars in commissions and sale proceeds each year. Although the quality of this marketing deliverable...

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Process for Creating Commercial Real Estate Websites – SEO Edition

May 18, 2017

Site Maps and Search Engine Optimization for Commercial Real Estate Websites

Yesterday, we officially launched the new This was especially exciting because we put a lot of work into...

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