Aerial Maps Increase the Attractiveness of Commercial Properties

One of the fastest growing areas of commercial real estate marketing is custom aerial maps. Drones have made creating these easier and less expensive. Drones are able to zoom in on a property in ways that an airplane or helicopter could not, even if the photographer had one of the best lenses on the market. Drones can move among the trees with ease and get amazing pictures of rooftops, surrounding properties, and other hard-to-see places.

Real estate, including commercial real estate, accounts for about 48% of all usage of these small, unmanned aircraft and those numbers are expected to grow. Aerial technology has benefits for you and your clients.

 Tour the neighborhood without leaving the ground

It’s been said often but it’s so important it’s worth saying again—location is everything. Investors and other potential clients are often too busy to get out and scout every commercial property. They may need a property for an office or for a small business. Knowing what the area is like down to the type of sidewalk in front of the building helps investors create a list of properties they want to see and eliminate those that don’t meet their criteria, all without leaving their office. If your website doesn’t have great aerial photography and maps, investors and prospective tenants may look elsewhere. 

Create quality, customized aerial images

A simple fly-over of a property is not sufficient if you want to catch an investor’s attention. Customized aerial maps and videos offer benefits for you and your potential clients. Take a look at these maps recently featured on Twitter. The map on the right tells the investor nothing about what restaurants and businesses are near the property. The customized map on the left gives the investor details on all of the amenities in the area.

Key Strategies for Creating Your Brand

Customized maps traditional commercial real estate marketing tools like flyers or offering memorandums or they can be placed on websites. But drones can do more than just take a great photograph. Drones can capture images that show the activity around a property. For example, if the investor is interested in using the property for retail, the drone could video the foot traffic in front of the property as well as the vehicle traffic. The images/video can be updated often so that investors will know what the property and surrounding area look like currently. This could be a big selling point that would be impossible to capture without using aerial imaging.

See more than meets the eye

As we mentioned, drones can get to places that other aircraft cannot. This makes them invaluable when inspecting a property before placing it on the market or purchasing it as an investment.  Drones can spot rooftop leaks and structural damages. Because you can add sensors to drones, you can even use them to test the efficiency of the heating/cooling system. This information makes maintaining the property easier. Before drone technology, these problems could have been overlooked and led to problems later.

Get customized aerial maps for your properties

Aerial maps have become as important to your commercial real estate website as SEO and social media links and should be a part of your marketing strategy. You don’t have to go out and buy a drone and hope you get a great video or photo. Trust a commercial real estate company with experience in creating colorful, customized aerial images and map solutions.


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