7 Tips to "Spring Clean" Your Real Estate Marketing


The immediate demands of the first quarter are behind us. Spring has arrived and now is a great time to take a fresh look at our commercial real estate marketing plans for the remainder of 2019. So many real estate marketing opportunities abound, but those that will provide the biggest returns without detracting from core business activities are where your focus should be. Here’s a short list to help you narrow things down.


Branding is such an important aspect of your company’s overall marketing strategy. This is not about just wanting to stand out from the competition, even though it’s part of it. Branding tells your investors who you are. It establishes trust and credibility. If you are not sure what your branding strategy is, now is the time to think about it. And, if you have a branding strategy, now is the time to take a fresh look and see if you need to make any changes.

Marketing strategy

Have you ever gone to the grocery store hungry and without a list? You likely will listen to your stomach and buy a lot of junk you don’t need. When you get home, you realize you spent a lot of money but you still don’t have anything for dinner. Having a good marketing strategy helps you spend your money where it works. Without a plan, you are throwing money into the wind. Plan your marketing menu so you satisfy your hunger for new business.


Your website may still look great on the outside but is it performing well? Is your search engine optimization strategy still working for you? SEO algorithms change. Make sure your website is still attracting the right kind of traffic. And if you are unhappy with its design, make a change. Your website is often the first impression you’ll make on a prospective client or investor. Make sure you are making a good impression.

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If you don’t have a blog, why? A blog is a great way to share useful information with clients and potential clients. You can establish yourself as an expert in the field and drive traffic to your site. Create a blogging strategy and if you don’t want to write it yourself, outsource it to a commercial real estate marketing company.

Key Strategies for Creating Your Brand

Social media strategy

Using social media for your commercial real estate business is more than posting a few pictures on Instagram or tweeting out a few facts. You need to know which social media channels your clients are watching. Social media can help you establish relationships and showcase what your firm offers.

Email marketing

Email marketing has taken a bad rap recently but it is still an effective way to get your message to clients and potential clients. A great campaign has two components. First you must have a great, targeted list so that the right people are reading your messages. Second, you need a great message.  Don’t limit yourself to a few paragraphs and an image. Emails can include videos and infographics. Don’t forget to measure your open rates.

“Old school” techniques are still important

Commercial real estate marketing is not 100% digital.  Marketing representatives still get requests for flyers and brochures. These “old school” techniques that include direct mail still work and should not be forgotten. Make them a part of your complete marketing strategy.

Are you ready to “spring clean” your marketing plan? Now is a great time to get ready for a “red hot summer!”


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