60 Day Marketing Plan for New CRE Firms

April 4, 2018

You’re starting a new brokerage shop, fantastic! I want to equip you with a SEVEN-STEP marketing plan to get you ramped up as quickly as possible. Let’s set the stage with a scenario we hear ALL...

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Getting Found Online in 4 Easy Steps for Commercial Real Estate Websites

March 26, 2018

I think at this point it’s fairly self-explanatory the benefits to having an online presence. But are you being found? You can have a beautiful web presence but if it’s not being visited it’s not...

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Leveraging Contractors to Scale Your Commercial Real Estate Business

March 22, 2018

Company growth is fun, no doubt about it. There’s nothing like the excitement that comes along with increased revenues, adding additional team members and an elevated market presence. The question...

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Create New Relationships by Marketing Commercial Real Estate Success

March 21, 2018

When you get down to it, marketing commercial real estate is about building relationships. Sure, there’s plenty of 21st-century whiz-bang technology that can be used in that pursuit as well as...

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March 19, 2018


This is how people find your website! Once they land on your website, what happens? Do they stay and interact with your site or do they move on to a competitors prettier, more...

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January 29, 2018

Email marketing isn’t going away and email newsletters are becoming more popular and more important than ever. Crafted the right way, commercial real estate newsletters help drive sales, expose...

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Emerging Trends Means Re-thinking Real Estate Ads

November 10, 2016

With the fray and distractions and bluster of the campaigns for Presidency of the United States now behind us, a relative calm has settled on our nation. The stumping has ended and the soap boxes...

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More Real Estate Advertising Ideas Than You'll Ever Need

November 8, 2016

It seems the quest for new real estate advertising ideas is never ending as businesses strive to have their offerings reach prospective customers. A recent Google search on “commercial real estate...

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Working With Your Real Estate Virtual Assistant

November 3, 2016

As your business has grown and your day-to-day operations have become more complex, it's probably the case that your time and resources have, at times, been stretched. It's nerve-wracking when you...

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Keep Your Marketing on Track, Hire a Real Estate Virtual Assistant?

November 1, 2016

Richard knows the importance of marketing. In fact, his degree from a well-known southern college includes a concentration in marketing. He understands the marketing mix; product, price, place,...

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