The Importance Behind Having Good Commercial Real Estate Flyers

You've won a new listing - congratulations.  Now what?  Obviously the answer is to advertise, market and sell that opportunity, so that it becomes a new revenue stream for your company.  Doing what's obvious, however, means sticking to your commercial real estate marketing plan to generate interest, among other businesses to buy, lease or invest in the property.

Commercial real estate flyers are often the center of
many company marketing plans and with good cause.  Done right, flyers can hold value for a firm in numerous ways.  Unfortunately, too many firms fail to give these tools the attention they deserve and as a result lose out on their value.  It’s easy to dismiss the flyer. After all, the word flyer is more likely to conjure images of something you'll find tucked under your windshield wiper upon returning to your car after shopping at the warehouse club.  While it's easy to blame nomenclature for poorly done commercial real estate flyers, the simple truth is that the benefits of a little extra attention in the creation of these cornerstones of marketing for this industry are probably overlooked or perhaps, not known.


First impressions do count
With your company brochure, offering memorandum or property listings front and center in your marketing kit, these will likely be the first things that prospective clients see.  Well written, organized, nicely laid out materials will let readers know you're serious about your business and that you have what it takes to satisfy their unique requirement.

Represents your brand
Like great commercial real estate websites, flyers represent your brand.  Whether you’re using templates or a custom design by your commercial real estate marketing firm, this is great opportunity to reinforce brand image, colors, voice and other design elements.  Your brand is the emotional and psychological associations that a person makes with your business. It is also your promise to the marketplace and tells people what you stand for so, this is a great opportunity to be clear about those things.

Separates you from the competition
Have a look at this gallery of brochures, flyers and offering memorandums.  Even without looking closely, you can quickly tell which of these are from the same company and which are not. That's because these flyers are doing the important job of distinguishing their respective brands from the competition.  Even if every commercial real estate company used black and white versions of their flyers, they should still be distinguishable from the competition and representative of a company.

Tools for your salespeople
Enablement likely plays a key in role in your commercial real estate marketing strategy.  Providing your sales people with high quality flyers can play a big part in that and give the salesperson confidence that the material he is leaving behind are going to continue the conversation with the client. Your sale team probably puts a lot of effort into all aspects of their personal presentation, the materials they're using should reflect a similar commitment.

Summarizes the details
Let's face it, clients can be selective listeners. They filter the information being conveyed based on what's important to them.  As a result, some really key points may be missed.  A thoroughly thought out flyer, brochure or offering memorandum will contain all of the details and serve as reference for the client.  It will also arm the client to be your champion within his organization in the event that other stakeholders have questions or would like additional details.

It's easy to dismiss commercial real estate flyers as just another necessity.  Done right though, they can be a powerful marketing tool that will add to your marketplace presence and help close more sales.

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