Real Estate Video Production Showcases Commercial Properties

Most people are visual learners, or at least will prefer visual elements accompany the information that is being delivered to them. So, it’s not a surprise that real estate video production and drone photography are such popular methods for delivering information about a property.

How important is video for marketing commercial real estate properties?

In a study conducted by HubSpot, the power of video in marketing efforts were clearly seen. Among survey respondents, 45% admitted to watching an hour or more of video content each week. This isn’t mindless, glazed-over watching either. The data from the research shows that most people pay close attention to video, which means there’s great opportunity to leverage videos when marketing commercial real estate.

The statistics for real estate video suggest that the medium is holding importance for this industry. The National Association of Realtors reports that video is a critical research tool in residential property searches. As much as 86% of house hunters are using video for checking out prospective neighborhoods and 72% rely on it for touring the grounds and interiors of properties they are considering.

For commercial properties, drone footage and video floorplans are great way to add value to your listings and open new markets. The immersive properties of a video tour get prospective buyers, lessors and investors quickly engaged in a property. By making sure that key features are highlighted, the target audience will gain a visual appreciation of the value of the offering, which square footage statements, statistics, community profiles or words alone just can’t convey.

Key Strategies for Creating Your Brand

Open new markets with real estate video

A unique quality of real estate video is its ability to make clients out of geographically distant investors. The amount of cross-border real estate business is growing at a staggering rate. For instance, interest in United States properties from Chinese investors has quickly grown, and some that increased interest is attributed to the power of real estate video. Where distance and cost once made in-person viewing of properties nearly impossible, video now makes all that possible. When used with traditional marketing methods like email marketing, websites and other lead generation activities, real estate video can really open markets that you may have not thought about in the past - both foreign and domestic.

A great real estate video will educate your potential clients about your brand, show that you have a track record within the community, and convey why prospective parties should choose to do business with you over the competition. When done right, the best videos can deliver great benefits. Benefits that include (1) establishing brand image, (2) tell the story about your property, (3) make prospective buyers and investors excited to learn more, (4) set you apart from the competition and (5) open new markets. 


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