Newsletters Pivotal in CRE Marketing

Generating interest in your commercial real estate offerings is easier once you get your audience to buy into your brand. When your audience is invested in you, it means they have invited you into their world and are interested in what you have to say. Attracting that interest is not always easy, but a well done commercial real estate newsletter can ensure your messages are not quickly deleted or marked as spam.

 Newsletters Build Your Brand

The newsletterwhen it is fact-filled and designed appropriately for specific readership, can be your foot in the door for sharing your marketplace knowledge. If executed well, clients and prospects will usually give your newsletter at least a passing glance, and those that identify you as a thought leader will be eager to be imparted with your marketplace wisdom and will invest time in what you’ve written.

In commercial real estate, the newsletter is an opportunity to show your supporters that you have done your groundwork and due diligence about the topics that are important to them. The newsletter also builds confidence, among your audience, for you as an elite commercial real estate company.

Key Strategies for Creating Your Brand

Sprinkled with timely and current commercial real estate industry information, it is an opportunity to show your audience your importance as a brand.

Show You’re a Thought Leader

A newsletter is an important instrument in marketing your CRE firm while lending to your reputation as a thought leader.You will also enlarge your circle of influence within your market. Your voice becomes public and raises awareness of your capabilities. This demonstrates your proficiency in the field of commercial real estate. With your newsletter incorporated into your social media efforts, you’ll be able to amplify your voice within the market and demonstrate that you are an expert. These are sound characteristics of a thought leader.

 Reader Focused Information Can Lead to Revenue Opportunity

In a single issue, you can update readers on the economy, transaction volumes, industry financials and trends in sectors such as office space, industrials, retail or senior housing. These topics tend to be in continual flux, and real estate professionals are always searching for a source of trusted information on those subjects. Highlighting themes like these shows your subscribers that you are monitoring the pulse of the industry and following the market to the benefit of their interests.

Your potential for generating new revenue goes up, by publishing your newsletter on a regular cycle, say monthly. Your subscribers will come to expect it. They’ll share it with their teams and colleagues and buy into it. Subscription requests will increase (which means more contacts for you) as will visits to your website. More interest in your brand means more opportunities to close business.

Stay relevant even when you can’t meet in person

Meeting face-to-face with your entire database of clients and prospects is probably impossible. A newsletter keeps you in touch with all of them and builds rapport even though you’re not meeting in person.

The newsletter acts as a conduit for your clients who need to be inspired and reminds them that you are there to help. For your contacts that have been slow to adopt social media a newsletter, provides the opportunity to stay in touch with them outside of the clutter of likes and dislikes. In fact, according to the Nielsen Norman Group, 90% of business people report they prefer newsletters over social media for receiving updates from companies.

Versatility is an attribute that can’t be overlooked in marketing commercial real estate. For everything that newsletters contribute to your cause, the most endearing trait is how well it interweaves with other marketing efforts. Newsletters are part of an effective marketing strategy. Whether developed through a websiteemail or even snail mail newsletters have the ability to make a big impact in any CRE marketing program.

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