Email marketing isn’t going away and email newsletters are becoming more popular and more important than ever. Crafted the right way, commercial real estate newsletters help drive sales, expose your brand, drive traffic to your website, create virtual awareness of your offerings and transactions and lets you connect with your community and industry on a regular basis.  With social media marketing on the rise, many commercial real estate firms forget about the potential and power of email marketing. One of the areas you must prioritize in your business is email list building and communicating with your email list on a consistent and regular basis.

Know your niche. Your newsletter should be relevant to your industry, cleverly written, filled with interesting graphics, and have a consistent content layout each time you publish. Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, your newsletter MUST be designed for readability on both a desktop/laptop computer and a mobile/iPad device. If your newsletter rocks but can’t be viewed easily on a cell phone, you can be assured it will either be instantly deleted or reported as spam.  

Don’t save the best content for last. Prioritize your most important content in the first three inches of your newsletter. Most email preview panes display a few inches which allows a reader to decide whether to read the full email or not.  To increase the Open/Click Rate, it is critical to showcase your most engaging content in these top two-three inches.

Include a tease. If one of your newsletter goals is to increase SEO and drive traffic to your website, you should include a tease within your newsletter that links the reader back to the full article that is on your blog/website page.

Measure your results. One of the advantages in sending out scheduled newsletters is that you can actively measure your results. By analyzing the metrics of your newsletter results, you are then able to tailor your content to the demand, tweak your publication timing, and determine what is working and what isn’t.

Content is King. In the end, your best strategy for readership is GOOD CONTENT! Just like good conversation, if what you are saying provides someone value, they will stay engaged, share the information, talk about it with others and eventually come back to you for more great information.

Key Strategies for Creating Your Brand

At ML Jordan, we understand that the world of email marketing can seem a little complicated. That’s because it is! From creating content, designing the layout and developing HTML code to managing your list of subscribers and knowing when the best publishing times are, crafting a newsletter can seem like a chore. Our commercial real estate focus serves as a huge benefit to our clients when it comes to content development and creating industry specific newsletters. Through the client onboarding discovery process, we’ll learn more about your practice and with little direction we’ll be ready to start writing relevant and useful content for your targeted audience.

Interested in learning more about our commercial real estate specific marketing solutions? Contact the Team at ML Jordan to learn more about our commercial real estate specific marketing solutions.

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