Professional Images Speak Volume in Selling Properties

September 21, 2018

In marketing your commercial real estate company, it’s natural to want to put your best foot forward. Each day you’re making decisions that will hopefully elevate your company to higher levels....

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Three Reasons to Outsource Your CRE Marketing Needs

September 14, 2018

Product, price, place, promotion are the so-called, “4Ps” of marketing. These components of the marketing mix represent the levers that can be moved in advancing the sale of a commercial real...

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Four Components of a Rock Solid Social Strategy

September 7, 2018

About 76% of Americans who go online use social media according to Smart Insights. However, social media is not used just for sharing family pictures and funny memes. Businesses, including...

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Real Estate Offerings Need a Good Landing Page

August 30, 2018
As you hand the ticket agent your boarding pass and enter the tunnel that brings you to your seat on the Airbus a320, your confidence lies in the hands of your pilot to deliver you as expected to... read more

Search Engine Optimization for Your Commercial Real Estate Website

August 24, 2018
If you’re in business today, you have a website. That’s almost a given. conducted a survey, through which they estimated 71% of small businesses have websites , and that number... read more

Cohesive Website Design Is Critical For Branding

August 20, 2018
When formulating a marketing plan  to brand your commercial real estate business, don’t forget about your website. Some companies ignore this critical component, and it can have consequences for... read more

Use Social Media to Go Farther With Your Commercial Real Estate Marketing

August 13, 2018
Every landlord, broker and agent knows that vacancies are bad. Fortunately, over the last five years, the commercial real estate industry has experienced a fairly stable level of vacancies.... read more

Big 3 of Social Media Are Integral to Your Marketing Program

August 8, 2018
Given the intensity of competition, commercial real estate marketing requires you to maximize your efforts with every available tool. Social media for commercial real estate firms   is one of... read more

The Right Marketing Team Can Help You Showcase Your Firm

August 5, 2018
You rely on your commercial real estate marketing to create the best impression of your firm with your clients and prospects. You need each interaction to be articulate, pertinent, and ultimately... read more

Content and Social; One-two punch for Commercial Real Estate Marketing

July 30, 2018
Google Books has a pretty neat tool, Ngram Viewer, that graphs the number of occurrences of a word or phrase in literature over a period of time. The program does not provide a complete portrayal... read more

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